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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.

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  • matthew snapdragon
    matthew snapdragon

    Hey mat pat the visitor is apart of a group called the seven

  • TheRed Eyes
    TheRed Eyes

    I have another Fnaf theory idea The Joy of Creation

  • AquaVibes Entertainment
    AquaVibes Entertainment

    Lol when he put the link in I thought it was gonna be a rickroll...

  • If Winx club was a anime
    If Winx club was a anime

    I'll get out of here bougie Matrix Theory

  • Bottle_of_air YT
    Bottle_of_air YT

    Me just waiting for the Rick and Morty episode

  • Miki

    Ok, maybe this is a stupid question, but were the souls from the toy animatronics released?

  • Jaivonni Cervantes
    Jaivonni Cervantes

    0:54 Or I take both pills and die of overdose

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    Kieran Simkins

    I hate this

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    takoda draper

    bd1: hold my stim

  • Jack Tueton
    Jack Tueton

    Omg stfu if you actually followed any of these republicans you'd know that they actually support all of these groups.

  • 901特務

    You can’t find any bow in chest loot !!! It is the reason why they can’t defeat the ender dragon.

  • Zury

    For a second i thought i clicked the wrong video

  • A Marischen
    A Marischen

    Nadwe Yes

  • Abhi ABG
    Abhi ABG

    I have no smartphone(im using a flip phone) but i got a gaming pc so none of this would apply to me

  • Kids Logic
    Kids Logic


  • 𝚖00𝚗._.𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚍._

    It took 2 times to kill him cuz they put him when his therth where up and then he come down bit got up and boom he died

  • I like tortoise
    I like tortoise

    I mean you can always gamble

  • t3n9

    I don't take leaf types in my team. It has so many weaknesses. It's weak against fire, flying, and most of them are also poison so they get creamed by psychic. Not to forget dragon types are flying too.

  • T-Gaming

    im waiting for western gamer reaction when they know what crossfire is

  • •~Random-Fandom~•

    Why make a theory about THIS, there are a LOT more better theories, but good job

  • dxjxc91

    Reality is an illusion. And so are pants.

  • Aadhi - Gaming And Tutorials
    Aadhi - Gaming And Tutorials


  • Sheer Panic
    Sheer Panic

    When you make a theory for Deltarune chapter 2, you'll probably find this out on your own but in the puzzles where you have to spell something out, sometimes instead of the robot voice that says the letter, sometimes Sans's voice plays. Idk if it's important but I figured you'd want to know

  • GalaxxEgg

    This simulation sucks

  • E E
    E E

    I think mat pat is cool

  • cool game
    cool game


  • cod

    why is this cringe

  • dxjxc91

    "I hate saying DDLC, because it's 4 syllables. Let's call it Doki Doki instead." *confused counting syllables noises*

  • Linkify

    no problem

  • Alvina Medrano
    Alvina Medrano

    wuts mangles jender or gender

  • Petar Kovacic
    Petar Kovacic

    there is version on roblox

  • Awesome Tanay Sharma
    Awesome Tanay Sharma

    cod mobile?

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    elliot deherrera


  • npzabov

    Cannot wait for that 2nd part of the video...

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    Owo is here and also a MegaMart part 2

  • RaptorMate

    MatPat: the single best treatment for phobias is exposure Me with a phobia of blood: well someone here is about to get hurt

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    Mykel Whydoidothistomyself

    i listen to them for fun

  • Sherona

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  • FlagToons


  • Minecraft_Jae

    Planet theory

  • Christian Filteau
    Christian Filteau

    they called it doki doki literature club plus because they didn't want to say ddlc dlc

  • Connor Brazington-Lang
    Connor Brazington-Lang

    Deltarune chapter 2

  • Liahhh

    CHAPTER 2 JUST CAME OUT YESTERDAY just wanted to say that

  • Stranger Wolves
    Stranger Wolves

    Four videos into the playlist and I'm already confused af.

  • paj wubx
    paj wubx

    1:06 For a second there, I thought bf was boutta say, "Hey! That ones new"

  • Cheese

    I just love the time games take to be realistic and I’m not even talking about just Warface in games like Call of Duty Warzone the soldiers are gonna be wearing hard armor because armor plates are a common thing seen in this game along with others.

  • Julian Yang
    Julian Yang

    I hope God gives dynamic difficulty to us. My life has been very very difficult last few years.

  • cringe nightmare in Town
    cringe nightmare in Town

    He mentioned tf2, epic

  • Adhyan Kori
    Adhyan Kori

    11:12 that's hulk

  • Jolibois Samuel
    Jolibois Samuel

    he's a legally blind

  • leo dabor
    leo dabor

    theory idea: The wisps in sonic colors change sonic's phyical form and give him special abilities. how

  • VidLurker

    hes a lot stronger now with netherite blocks

  • Greater Red
    Greater Red

    Idk why but finding out we're in a simulation would absolutely crush me. I know it doesn't matter, I know it doesn't change anything but the realization would kill me, literally.

  • Aiden Gaming
    Aiden Gaming

    It’s been fun making Matt die from theories…

  • Chocolate Honey Bee
    Chocolate Honey Bee

    The begging was so sad Ó╭╮Ò For the zombies

  • NOTSAM79

    @OWO OWO I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU how are you to DAY 😈

  • Slavic Union
    Slavic Union

    Its the future and nobody cares about t-series, lol haven’t heard about them since the loss

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    I dont think he dont read the books of halo.

  • Lindsey Williams
    Lindsey Williams

    My favorite undertake character is sans

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  • CrossoverWorlds

    Matpat. Deltarune Chapter 2 is out. *Where is video*

  • Slavic Union
    Slavic Union

    Sadly T-series a corporation, and we all know corps are scumbags. My solution to giving Felix back the crown, ends with nuking India and T series building. Yes people will die, honestly, a lot of places should be nuked.

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme

    Plz do one on the battle cats

  • night wing
    night wing

    Tiny little bit oven

  • night wing
    night wing

    Case Minecraft is circle but like earth a little bit mistake

  • Rami Jamleh
    Rami Jamleh

    we can re spawn it ?

  • Charles Usaraga
    Charles Usaraga

    Mat Pat forgot Codm🥲🥲

  • The bigkid 13
    The bigkid 13

    I wish Matpat make theory about the fornite mothership matpat please make how did not mothership did not crash to our inland please 😢😢 do not let me down please

  • Cullen Seely
    Cullen Seely

    Well it finaly happened the crew went crazy

  • Dario B
    Dario B

    The simulation theory is unsolvable because every proof or disproof could be part of the simulation

  • ꧁•FLOWER BOY•꧂
    ꧁•FLOWER BOY•꧂

    Why are they disliking

  • Lancelotofsad /Blackwolf_YT
    Lancelotofsad /Blackwolf_YT

    As an extreme fan of The bob mod, Imma clear a one misconception that matt made: It is possible to pass the song Run but you can only do it in normal mode. And when matt says "Beating the song run", He means losing from the Chartspam that is run. When Beating it has a cutscene where he says that he will never forget you, or something along the lines of that. You can find it in videos or check out mergs video when he played the bob mod. That's all I can say, and keep up the amazing theories matpat. <3

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    Edilberto Rivera

    New Zealand my friend.

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    Adam Barakat

    Don't be sad

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    R0BL0X GAM1N9

    Hello! To anyone who reads this, I wish you a happy and good [S̢̫͔̯͉̜ͭͅI̴͍̫̽̂͐M̵͕̗͇̗̻̥̗ͥ̉U̫̭̬̖̩̟̅͋̾͡L̸̼̖͐̆̿͌A̶̘̦͉̳͕͓ͦ̈T̷͇̰̻̗ͣ̇̈̔Ȩ̮̜͈̞̖̤̜̳ͬD̝̠̖̪̪̂̄͡] life. Also it’s my Birthday

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    Mia Butler

    Austin! I've missed you!