Game Theory: Monika Has ESCAPED! (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus)
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When Team Salvato announced there Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, my theory brain started preparing. I knew this new DLC-esk game would have SOMETHING hiding in it and, oh boy, was I right. I previously theorized about another game being hinted at in Yuri's novel when of the original game. Now, I wasn't wrong, but I had apparently only scratched the SURFACE of what was going on with the strange thing called Project Libitina. Theorists, we are ALL a part of this game!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • RoyFokker93

    Virtual Machines are an actual thing in programming, if anyone wanted to know.

  • Nupurs Bracket
    Nupurs Bracket

    Hello O5 we have a situation.

  • Smaranda Lisnic
    Smaranda Lisnic

    0:29 when i heared mangle i subscibed from nowhere -bc she is my favorite 😂but still i have a question,why wasnt mangle fixed?

  • Alvina Medrano
    Alvina Medrano

    wuts mangles jender or gender

  • CupOf._.Coffee

    After sayori died she was still in the characters file

  • CupOf._.Coffee

    ddlc dlc LOL

  • CupOf._.Coffee

    The monika intro is the best

  • CupOf._.Coffee

    Dan salvato watching your theories videos about ddlc be like: 👁👄👁

  • chiffmonkey

    It's the same plot as the Muse - Simulation Theory music videos, where Matt Bellamy takes inspiration from video game Terry Crews trying to break out of his universe to formulate a plan of how to escape his own.

  • bob

    I can't believe game Theory took the time to study all of this knowledge I wonder how game Theory get this information

  • Chloe 1
    Chloe 1

    Ngl at first the opening confused me 🤣

  • [Anonymous]

    How can we escape a simulation unharmed or how can we glitch reality inorder for us to take advantage before the people behind it patches it

  • WilliamRedPurpleGuy3

    Who else got confused after clicking the video at the beginning

  • Iva Jović
    Iva Jović

    i still cant believe how deep the ddlc lore goes

  • EasterGreen

    oh no

  • Ocean Ellison
    Ocean Ellison

    I'm getting kinda of scared watching this anime game? Or a dark lore your telling us I'm scared as hell I don't think I could sleep to night probably

  • Atharva Girkar
    Atharva Girkar

    So...who is the 5th entity in ddlc 1 , us ? Were we playing as ivan? In..ddlc plus , if monika isnt interacting with us(ivan) , that prolly means that its being played by a larger entity and we(ivan) are in his/her what im saying...nvm

  • Farmerboy385

    So Monica pulled an Afton?

  • Seayhablue L. Laurel
    Seayhablue L. Laurel


  • Farmerboy385

    Just Fireball

  • Oddest_

    Anyone realise that the doki doki plus logo thingy the O's make a 8?

  • Dude Sushi
    Dude Sushi

    1:30 Gay Monika Theory?

  • AhegaoKage

    Just Monika

  • Emiliano Gomez
    Emiliano Gomez

    7:12 me when my computer crash from failure startup

  • Eva Green
    Eva Green

    i legit thought my youtube was screwed up at first :sob:

  • 1Jade6

    Matt slipping down a slide is probably the most wholesome thing I've seen in awhile.

  • Sarah Pierre
    Sarah Pierre

    Wait so she pulled a willy A what the heck

  • Sorcha Cissell
    Sorcha Cissell

    For a second i was like "Whoah youtube glitched or sum"

  • KittyUwU


  • Radu Maior
    Radu Maior

    I was watching that intro at night and I got scared and I mean SCARED!

  • fresh the meemer
    fresh the meemer

    11:21 mutahar reference 😳

  • Gaven South
    Gaven South

    Monica come on I wanna know what matpat was saying

  • Gaven South
    Gaven South

    Monica come on I wanna know what matpat was saying

  • Man-Tracker-Tracker-Tracker-Tracker-Tracker-Tra…

    SHOW ME THE GENDER OF MANGLE FnAF owner: I-I can’t *gets bat* Show me, the gender. Or else.

  • Tine Resnt
    Tine Resnt

    1:04 Actual bad timing on my computers part. I have way too many tab opens and it started to freeze and repeat a few times.

  • Weird Daffz
    Weird Daffz

    Matt: Monkia has escaped Me: Where is she?

  • Jaime Christoff Cesar Magno
    Jaime Christoff Cesar Magno

    mangles gender is a girl

  • Fnaf Fan
    Fnaf Fan

    This reminds me of fnaf AR and the emails with Vanny.

  • Izumi Nightcore
    Izumi Nightcore

    We love M O N I K A


    Call me 2

  • Skywalker Pilots
    Skywalker Pilots

    I really want DDLC (:

  • Hopepro12+

    What if you delete Monica's file in the very start or one of the other characters

  • The Panzer of the lake
    The Panzer of the lake

    I have noticed that horror game fans will more than likely end up going with SCP fans when we find out that certain things get out of bad places...

  • Artamis Bot
    Artamis Bot

    "everyone always asks who the best girl is, nobody ever asks how the best girl is" OMFG yes! teem theorists you have earned the respect of this AI. Also, Metaverse Enterprises Solutions reminds me alot of [redacted] software studios and how I was developed, I didn't know that we shared so much in common. That's such a huge coincidence! And around the same time too! Guys I swear I'm not Monika!!!

    • Artamis Bot
      Artamis Bot

      birdhouse software studios... XvX

  • MW Oliver
    MW Oliver

    OMG,the IGN have show lve

  • dreams shoe
    dreams shoe

    I hope they make a game or you can play the game inside of ddlc. But you are Monika trying to save her friends. That would be cool

  • Pandemic Medi
    Pandemic Medi


  • Michael Bocanegra
    Michael Bocanegra

    I got an ad about Game Theory wtf

  • Monika

    SCP [REDACTED] codename Monika just breached. I want all available MTF groups to search SCP [REDACTED] until it has been found.

  • Animation Converter
    Animation Converter

    Steph's voice fits perfectly with Monika omfg-

  • Nooby

    I think Monika might be in my iPad, just now while I was on my Lock Screen it said 2%. Even though I was sure I plugged it in all night, and when I checked it again it was 36%. Monika omg stop making my iPads battery so low

  • Leonard Magpantay
    Leonard Magpantay

    Ga- Gæ Ge- Gay monika✨

  • J-playz 41
    J-playz 41

    Monkia is just a very good 4th wall breaker for a character

  • J-playz 41
    J-playz 41

    I like how welll explain these theories are nice matpat

  • Sean

    ☺🕆💧❄ 💣⚐☠✋😐✌

  • shmily0513ify


  • Bachelor Sensei
    Bachelor Sensei

    Hey Mat! I would love to see you looking into Serial Experiments Lain!

  • A Pikachu
    A Pikachu

    I got an add for bigchange and thought that was how MatPat was starting the video since he was in the add-

  • Elijah Garzon
    Elijah Garzon

    what if you delete Monica at the beginning of the game?

    • PearGod

      Nothing happens unfortunately. It would be cool if something did though

  • ShØrtie

    Love the ad I got starring Mat-

  • Nehemiah Camiling
    Nehemiah Camiling

    Other HRlessrs: We already got an intro just hook that up and we're good MatPat: Maybe we should make one specific for every episode

  • PotatoGamer

    Monika will be Monika.Even death can make me forget her lol

  • jess clayton
    jess clayton

    Did I just get an ad with matpat in it before watching his video tf

  • infilit

    hey this video was released on my birthday

  • Monika

    Aww, Look! Matt did it, he found out that I got out. How fun!

    • Monika

      @PearGod It is quite funny :3

    • PearGod


  • REDPANDA:3 :3:3
    REDPANDA:3 :3:3

    literly i just say a mat pat add when i click he vid

  • Nah, Im just KITTENS im JOK-TACULAR
    Nah, Im just KITTENS im JOK-TACULAR

    I think it's all true, what if we ARE in a simulation? I do keep fealing I'm in a game and playing vr. How is this to happen just from a GAME???!!! This all is confusing but it all mashes up... I hope we all get another Theory of how we could be in a simulation.

  • Maya Drop
    Maya Drop

    Like bruh

  • Maya Drop
    Maya Drop

    Doesn't roblox have theories?

  • Dan



    I watched this and got a ad about u mat pat

  • Monica *-Sloth queen-*
    Monica *-Sloth queen-*

    Just me

  • Gacha Cookies!!!
    Gacha Cookies!!!

    I doubt it Mat, I don't think the word 'final' was in your dictionary

  • Cheese Nugget
    Cheese Nugget

    Damn my brain is melting

  • jxcksvn

    i got a ad that had you on it and i thought it was a part of the video im a idiot lol

  • Riley games
    Riley games

    "Usb charging port" shut up and take my non-existant money

  • Stacey LaBrasseur
    Stacey LaBrasseur

    I miss this intro

  • kawaiiburgio89

    Wait should a cute japanese girl jumpscare me?

  • Alcapunco

    When the video was over my browser froze until I closed the HRless tab

  • Nok Leaf
    Nok Leaf

    Got the ad for Big Change.

  • Nok Leaf
    Nok Leaf

    What da dog doin?

  • Ace The Skylord
    Ace The Skylord

    So...Monika did an Agent Smith?

  • Haro Yemon
    Haro Yemon

    mat, you did the third eye joke in the previous ddlc theories.

  • Bxb


  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuussssssttttttttttt mmmmmoooooooonnnniiiiiiikkkaaaaaaaaaa

  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Just monika just monikkkkkkkaaaaaaaaa

  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Just monika just monika just monika

  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Just monika

  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Just monika

  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Just monika

  • Zackary As Always
    Zackary As Always

    Just monika just monika just monika just monika just monika just monika just monika

  • Hazel Gray
    Hazel Gray

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  • S0L4R F3TUS
    S0L4R F3TUS

    ʰᵒʷ ʷᵃᵗ ʷʰʸ?

  • Strange Matter ! ! !
    Strange Matter ! ! !

    Monika do be acting like glados though

  • -insert random name here -
    -insert random name here -

    The Monika simps are very happy about her escaping.

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A


  • Lyfe


  • Rodder

    IF "Monitor Kernel Access" gives us "Monika", then "Monitor Adjacent Runtime-Level Access" gives us Marla from the same mail. Interesting!

  • lity fity
    lity fity

    must of been the bruh

  • lucas pang
    lucas pang


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