Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF
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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you'll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


    Now do FNAC

  • Nicolas Koutsourais
    Nicolas Koutsourais

    Matpat I love your show, been watching you for close to ten years, please don't take offense to this. But mat if you werent rich you would be a communist.

    • Nicolas Koutsourais
      Nicolas Koutsourais

      @TheAdvertisement because he’s so close to exposing the root of the issues he’s talking about. So close to figuring out why these problems like legislation and political donations happen. He just, doesn’t go all the way. But then again this is a HRless channel with millions of subs, he has to maintain an image so maybe he does know all that stuff he just can’t talk abt it in a video.

    • TheAdvertisement

      Lmao no he would not. And what does that have to do with this video?

  • Jack Tueton
    Jack Tueton

    Omg stfu if you actually followed any of these republicans you'd know that they actually support all of these groups.

    • TheAdvertisement

      Uh... no. Scott shouldn't be harassed but this is blatantly false.

  • Aiden Gaming
    Aiden Gaming

    It’s been fun making Matt die from theories…

  • Birna Jacobsen
    Birna Jacobsen

    You for Got about red bear

  • Sweet Beats
    Sweet Beats

    Matt...HAS A SON?!?!!!

  • ꨄᴘɪɴɢᴜꨄ

    Matpat did you ever confirm Mrs aftons name or existence??

  • chrovoid

    wher frebear

    • chrovoid

      no sprigtrab :(

  • elias dale
    elias dale

    Stop cancel culture its that simple. He as every other america are allowed to support whoever they want.

  • Bananaman7 Yt
    Bananaman7 Yt

    FNaF theory: What if Elenor from To Be Beautiful put a sound disk in the necklace that she gave to Sara. Sara was never with skin after meeting Elenor, but just a bunch of spare parts. So when she dropped it the sound disk broke and she revealed what she truly was. (My friend Maddy made this theory)

  • Vivian Z
    Vivian Z

    So the 2% of the population that’s LBGTQDKRJFFH, and even less of that 2% actually know FNAF while the rest are probably too busy correcting people on which 1000 pronoun to use / partying like rockstars. Yup LGBT characters in movies can only be played by people from their tribe, I mean people who went through the victimization….. who needs acting, presidents will be played by actual presidents, video game makers who dare to use colours so it looks like a rainbow in a scene should be replaced by an LGBT, their tribe logo was clearly stolen.

    • TheAdvertisement

      That has nothing to do with this video.

  • daniel tilson
    daniel tilson

    i am a fan of yours now

  • Vikouš Čob
    Vikouš Čob

    I do not support lgbt, sue me

    • TheAdvertisement

      Can't do that, but I can respectfully hate you.

  • TalonsAndTails

    I hate that political stances had to become to prevalent. I think that a creators political views and their creations should stay separate. The internet had no right to go digging through Scott’s finances. And I don’t care what you think about it. I’m sure Scott wanted to keep his political and financial choices private, and you, a stranger on the internet, had no right to go digging that up. It is not your right to know everything about a creators private life. And I hate how Scott felt he had to step away from his work because some internet strangers decided they had a right to his financial decisions. Because they immediately jumped to the worst conclusions instead of sitting down and actually doing research instead of immediately freaking out. And it’s absolutely unacceptable to threaten a creators loved ones. That makes you no better then the person your threatening.

    • TheAdvertisement

      Well said.

  • Incognito Cat
    Incognito Cat

    Can't wait till those pedos get to your son matty my boy~ I will be laughing. Ohio school board and Cali really likes their little boys like Oliver. Teehee.

    • TheAdvertisement


  • Glorious King Gabe
    Glorious King Gabe

    At first I thought without Scott Cawthon Five Nights at Freddy's is doomed, but I forgot that Five Nights at Freddy's is more than just Scott. I wish the developers of the official games good luck with the future of the series. To everyone how hates Scott for his political view, you can hate the guy and I kindly disagree, but how dare you threaten his family. Despite Scott's political donations, I still think he's a great guy who made this every expanding video game series. He's game developer who supports fan games and gives donations to his fans. I haven't seen Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft do anything like that to the scale that Scott Cawthon has. I may not be a giant Five Nights at Freddy's fan, but I still wish the best for this series.

  • Rourke Bar
    Rourke Bar

    When five nights at Freddy’s is dead…

  • Markus Briggs
    Markus Briggs

    just as he's fading the Happyest day music plays

    • Markus Briggs
      Markus Briggs


  • Teirdalin

    I've officially seen all of Mattpatts FNAF videos. Quite a magical adventure.

  • Matthew Cooke
    Matthew Cooke

    The playlist is 51 videos and this is the last video what

  • sector

    Not gonna lie it gets frustrating when people make a big deal of a small issue

  • Red Eyes
    Red Eyes

    I have to say, even though Matpat says that its entirely a valid option to cancel Scott without looking at what his reasoning was, I have to disagree. If you're ignorant enough to not even look at Scotts reasoning and still go against him, then you are not better than an actual ignorant homophobic man who refuses to listen to any reasoning.

  • 《•Akarui•》

    Remember how the lore was before? Easy and simple. Now we're talking about time travelling ball pits

  • Food Chan
    Food Chan

    6:02 thats so funny you have a son named Oliver i have a cousin named Oliver whos 3

  • TheProOfAll

    So are they going to make other fnaf videos?

    • Red Eyes
      Red Eyes


  • Jakob Wedel
    Jakob Wedel

    "I hate American Politics" This right here. Peoples is peoples. I absolutely hate that nowadays we are pushed to hate people that don't agree with us on every little thing. I'm a right leaning Christian like Scott. I generally vote for Republicans. Does this mean I hate Democrats or people in the LGBTQ community? Absolutely not. I think we need to stop drawing conclusions about people because of who they may or may not support and just get to know people for who they are instead of who they like or dislike in politics

  • ReallyMan?

    2:23 no ur gonna make it only worse

  • LitoMikeM1 YT
    LitoMikeM1 YT

    well im wondering why tf these people were tracking scotts donations

  • Mimic

    Disappointed in Scott😞

  • vivlodia

    thats it, I finally watched all the fnaf theories in the playlist!!

  • Alexander Liddell
    Alexander Liddell

    Dang i never realised how underrated Tulsi is

  • THEoneANDonly

    Some fan base for fnaf is weird

  • Douglas Klakton
    Douglas Klakton


  • Cooper Sullivan
    Cooper Sullivan

    We need matt as the new scott cawthon

  • Hashim Hussain
    Hashim Hussain

    This was two months ago

  • FoxLife_Real

    If someone doesnt support LGBTQ+ and people lash at him, isnt it his opinion?

  • CynicalX

    Also Mat, thanks for being cool and reasonable dude. I respect people like you who can express their political standpoints without coming off as a whiny child. EDIT: You seem like a very competent individual to host Jeopardy for a day.

  • IGN Reviewer
    IGN Reviewer

    10:28 the Undertale fandom. The Undertale fandom has almost as if not just as many fan games as fnaf.

    • IGN Reviewer
      IGN Reviewer

      @Cotton dusttale, overtime, undercards, amitale, have a heart, and Undertale RED. And that's 6.

    • Cotton

      Name 5 finished ones

  • Dr.Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Dr.Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Honestly idc who he supports idc who he donates I don't and I don't bc its his business what you said about the internet is true 100 percent true but also you have to see that the internet let's itself in to people personal lives so it's his business I still love the game and love him I think that his creative mind is amazing I am really sad to see him step down I am I loved his work yeah he is passing the torch but it won't be the exact same it won't bc who ever takes the torch isn't Scott this doesn't mean I agree with who he donates to or who he supports not at all but it really isn't my business honestly how wod you feel that every donation you made or every thing you say behind closed doors goes out to everyone it's none of our business that is all I love your channel I love film theory too as always great work mat❤❤

  • Skelly

    I love FNAF and have for the long time and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community it broke my heart to hear what he did.

    • Toughen Yourself Up
      Toughen Yourself Up

      And you talk about rights yet shame someone's right to vote for whomever they want... Honestly... you guys are so full of hypocrisy.

    • Toughen Yourself Up
      Toughen Yourself Up

      Because he executed his legal rights as an American citizan?

  • Derrick Brinson
    Derrick Brinson

    Nice to see that you are able to take up both sides of an issue. You dont know what ppl who dont agree with you on social issues believe. Glad I unsubscribed.

  • Rae the Scarecrowlover
    Rae the Scarecrowlover

    I get it dude. You don't wanna give up the francise because you profit off of it. You're only human. Maybe you could donate all the money you make from your FNAF content to LGBTQIA+ charities moving forward? You probabily won't, but you certainly could.

  • Rae the Scarecrowlover
    Rae the Scarecrowlover

    Damn, glad I never got into FNAF. Imagine having money and then donating it to individuals who actively regress the advancements of society. It's like building a bunch of buildings in Age of Empires only to destroy them all with the delete button. Literally burning resources. Pity.

  • Thousand Dragons
    Thousand Dragons

    "We are not to blame. HE did it." -M@RR!0N33TE

    • Thousand Dragons
      Thousand Dragons

      ERROR! Comment not found. Loading cache...FAILED. Fail, comment, retry?

  • Kate dakat
    Kate dakat

    Go republicans!!!

  • Kate dakat
    Kate dakat

    Scott is still da best

  • a-pile of-owls
    a-pile of-owls

    honestly, being pro-military is way worse than being anti-lgbt

    • Cotton

      in what way?

  • Maximus Phoenix
    Maximus Phoenix

    I'll be honest, at first I thought this was just going to be how these political people whom Scott Cawthon had supported was going to be demoted greatly and that you were just going to talk trash about him for his choices in your talk about him, but that wasn't what you did at all. I greatly respect you Mattew for your ability to take a situation and think about the broad point of view instead of looking something at the value that you orginially see and judge it based on that. My personal point of view about Scott Cawthon has also change but most likely in the polar opposite as most people who support the fnaf franchise, and I respect your opinion just the same as I belive my own opinion. I respect that you took everything that he said and took a look at what you ususally do when voting for a political candidate, as well as reaserching what these political candidate had been looking to fight for and judging based on these things. The bottom line is, I respect you. What you did as far as recessing the situation is something a lot of people today don't do or forget to do which makes my opinion of you greatly increase recognizing your smarts and wisdom. Thank you for your ability to look at something abroad, and for always being able to putting in the extra effort.

  • abrady0

    I don’t agree with you but i respect your opinion

  • Eugene Vinson
    Eugene Vinson

    . Meow

  • Karson Hill
    Karson Hill

    when cancel culture is so bad matpat has to make theory to defend scott

  • Clouds

    I don’t know if you all ready know this but in the survival logbook on page 46 right above the blood is texts saying “my name” I didn’t know if you mentioned this but I thought it would be interesting to point out

  • Mr crocodile
    Mr crocodile

    I will remember always Scott 😭😭 all do respect

  • Dennix Music
    Dennix Music

    Man Mat, I don't know if you'll ever see this but after 5 odd years of being a bad space politically, I really do appreciate your tact on this situation. It's greatly refreshing and I'm glad you're not defending Scott in anyway.

  • Renderias

    This dude is afraid to lose his fanbase because of you political psycopaths

  • Morbid Fayde
    Morbid Fayde

    Twitter and reddit users: "I don't do ifs buts or maybes, I do absolutes"

  • Stephanie Allen
    Stephanie Allen

    Hollld up he remembered Random encounters????

  • Sarang

    god, so many shitlibs in the comments

  • super unintended
    super unintended

    All the good Scott did Trumped pun intended by his political thoughts.


    Couldn’t agree more !

  • I am batman
    I am batman

    What he spent his money on doesn't effing matter Matt

  • Alex Franco
    Alex Franco

    Once you have made yourself public, you give away your life choices, you will have MANY different types of people following you, you dont support trash, thats all, I knew Scott liked to create clowns, not support them to become president of his country…

  • Alex Franco
    Alex Franco

    I regret ever supporting a person who supports tragedy, aka mr orange face and his gang of trash, Scott supported many different causes, yeah, he still gave money to the kind of trash that destroys and divides the country, he left because he couldnt take the heat of what he had done, to anyone who has empty hate just because someone is “different” or just because someone likes something out of the order they think “god wrote things”, is trash. 😤

  • Mohnish Dadlani
    Mohnish Dadlani


  • Jacqueline The Insane
    Jacqueline The Insane

    As a Bi (leaning towards lesbian) trans girl from Australia: Scott had the right to make those donations and has shown clear support for LGBT communities for years. Nothing he has done here has been with the intent to harm LGBT communities, in fact quite the opposite, I love the man, and I hope the best for him.

    • SpeedPaint Entertainment
      SpeedPaint Entertainment

      @Jacqueline The Insane I think they were talking bout how bi ppl can be in straight relationships

    • Jacqueline The Insane
      Jacqueline The Insane

      @Ghosti E that’s incredibly transphobic. Nice to know people don’t hide it I guess.

    • Ghosti E
      Ghosti E

      So you’re straight with extra steps

    • Halinaqi 2
      Halinaqi 2

      cursed pfp spotted

  • Trish Sakal
    Trish Sakal

    The fact i had an ad for you before is a bit crazy lol

  • S

    it's just a video game

  • Legend69

    Your son will be a good transgender kid 🥰

  • ShyDiggy

    A gorilla got a lot of votes the past two elections...

    • ShyDiggy


  • Family fun
    Family fun

    RIP FNAF🐻🐰🐤🦊😢

  • Тача нка
    Тача нка

    16:56 F A C T S

  • abc

    Nobody should have to step down because of their political beliefs

    • Cotton

      Richard Nixon agrees

  • LightUnlimited

    In short my opinion or not, peoples reaction to his donations got blown out of proportion, and like alot of things that have had to be changed because we cant handle disagreements or controversy. They jumped on scott for a personal choice THAT HE HAS A RIGHT TO MAKE. Just like everyone. And he got stupid amounts of hate for something that should have been his choice and his alone in the first place. This should never have happened to him, and scott i am sorry for that.

  • worst-nightmare_08

    I wish Scott would not retire

  • Sammy The Umbreon
    Sammy The Umbreon

    I decided to stay out of this as a whole. Considering how American Politics won't affect me, I just left it alone and ignored it. Then people went on this hate train against scott and I have been called a bigot and a homophobe for 'supporting' scott (at the time i was just trying to figure out what was happening). As of now, I went to ignoring it again. I still was in the fandom, but sepparated myself from the community and avoided anything to do with the topic. Until now.

    • Toughen Yourself Up
      Toughen Yourself Up

      I mentioned that it isn't a crime to be a Republican, people can vote for whoever they want and people shouldn't shame or hate others because of their political beliefs.... Guess what reaction I got?

    • TalonsAndTails

      I’m sorry you were attacked like that. People shouldn’t be so impulsive. Wanting to remain neutral doesn’t mean “hates your side.” It’s just “leave me the frick out of this.” You didn’t deserve that and you are absolutely valid In not wanting to take place in the debate.

  • PutriAfton_Lankyfan_andspyfam

    WHAT!? 51 VIDEO OF FNAF Your amazing i don't comment but i love and like

  • Marco van Vliet
    Marco van Vliet

    Matpat I need to say something I think your 1st ever theory on fnaf the dream one is parcally correct and that fnaf 4 gameplay wise is just a nightmare form the crying child how else whould that make seence other then glitchtrap but that’s just a back up or henwy

  • Braiden Taylor
    Braiden Taylor

    Just because Scott supports right-leaning politicians shouldn't condemn them from being an all inclusive game designer. He is allowed to have his opinions just as we all are. Just because you dont agree with his actions or the people he wants to run the country doesn't mean he should be put down for exercise his rights

  • ShadyShrimp


  • Asofa Patiole
    Asofa Patiole

    no scott the is still more fnafs to make

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    don’t judge me

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios


  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    So my belief ps

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    You can’t call a guy that’s says there a girl a girl in military

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    and you would call them by there gender in military

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    The reason why I would support the thing where trans people can’t go in military is cause hav8ng a guy that’s says there girl in a military is just bad I guess. Cause now you have a guy in a shower room of other women

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios


  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    just some things I might consider about this channel(s) cause of this video

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    I still support you though

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios


  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    sure it may not seem like good ones but it’s his life not anybody else s

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    let Scott make his on decisions

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    What you should do

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    but I’m just saying the truth about

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    I’m not trying to un support you

  • TableTop Studios
    TableTop Studios

    and some stuff to you