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10 YEARS of Game Theory! Wow, how fast time flew by to get us to this milestone. Theorists, I want to invite you into the "office" of Team Theorists. I want to pull back the curtain on what it takes to run this channel; the time, the people, the MEETINGS! No more secrets. Thank YOU for sticking with me over the years and I can't wait to see what happens over the next 10 years. So sit back and get ready to have the full Team Theorists experience. You've earned it!

I also want to thank our team for coming on and being a part of the video! Talk about face reveals!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, Jason Parker, and Chris Widin
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • FortnoX5E1H

    By far my *FAVOURITE* video on this channel! Happy 10th Game theorists🥳

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    • FortnoX5E1H

      @Nebula_GD geometry dash is life

    • FortnoX5E1H

      @ZONe no you dont👀

    • Nebula_GD

      Geometry dash is love

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      Leonardo Doueihy


  • Mr. M
    Mr. M

    Do a film theory about the Chookity Pok language of Mooncake in Final Space

  • Raxacoricofallapatorius

    21:40 This is really random, but it absolutely fascinates me that this editor's voice sounds like the human equivalent of the AI which Stephen Hawking used to communicate! But I digress, this video was incredible! Amazing to see all the work which goes into a single video!

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    bowl o' dirt

    Subscribe or you may lose you”re kneecaps

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    Piplup With Sunglasses

    Game Theory Theory

  • Kn.77

    This is such a beautiful surreal masterpiece

  • Freya Stewart
    Freya Stewart

    13:55 I'M DYING!!!!!PLEASE!!!! 15:58 He is indeed a man he both fears and loves. 16:09 Definately do that!

  • mario zaal
    mario zaal

    Well matt and crew you thank us for watching.i thank you fore making the videos.

  • James Andrew Yamba
    James Andrew Yamba

    This made me emotional and appreciated the theorist channels more! 😭 great job guys 👍👍 keep those great and awesome videos coming 😻

  • itsalolmor

    Wow, Alyssa is so pretty :x

  • Dr Nemo
    Dr Nemo

    What's Jeff's Stuff Fed

  • Zeke T.C.
    Zeke T.C.

    And people say youtube isn't a real job. I've grown up with y'all ever since I was in 4th grade. (I'm currently 18 and a freshman in college also working on a HRless channels with 2 friends) You all have inspired me many times over to do better and seek out more opportunities in life. I don't know if you'll ever see this comment for sure, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you all very very much! Edit: I am also majoring in Graphic Design because of all the inspiration from you all. With a minor in creative writing.

  • Daniel Kesler Jr
    Daniel Kesler Jr

    wow, amy the channel manager looks like she's never seen the sun a day in her life, lol.

    • Abby Stafford
      Abby Stafford

      @Daniel Kesler Jr glad you think so, I can tell you're super mature and have a really nuanced understanding of these things.

    • Daniel Kesler Jr
      Daniel Kesler Jr

      @Abby Stafford wasn't disparaging. I was just saying she's really pale. And wat does the amount of women in the video matter? Am I not allowed to acknowledge their existence unless it's complimentary????? That's sexist. Just saying.😏

    • Abby Stafford
      Abby Stafford

      Two women in the whole video and you just had to make a disparaging comment on one of their appearance?

  • RustyCotton Programs
    RustyCotton Programs

    13:40 Me coming out to only my sister as bisexual 14:15 Me realising it was probably a mistake

  • Plague Seeker
    Plague Seeker

    I always wonder how much everyone gets paid. Like I have no scope of how much a youtuber like Mat makes. Averaging like 10m views a week across all three channels. To have a team of that many and living with a wife and kid in affluent housing. Theres no way his team makes less than 15/hr with all that work. How can he afford to pay so many people and still live comfortably? Maybe youtubers make more money than I think they do.

  • Wild Streak
    Wild Streak

    Hi :)

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    mar mar

    and being ollie's parents

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    You are awesome and i have fallen in love with these channels

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    I love the fact they try making matpat better✋😀

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    Alex B


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    Judy Dayrit

    Game Theory exposing Game Theory

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    Peter Shallcross

    19:13 👀 I’m actually in Australia also I’m Australian 👃 🕳

  • Peter Shallcross
    Peter Shallcross

    I’m subscribed to all channels PS: I really want to meet you in real life PSS: I want to be friends with you PSSS: Personality wise we are pretty much the same

  • Nardwar Bill
    Nardwar Bill

    @The Game Theorists do you have any ideas for the fourth slot Chanel? My votes are for either MUSIC of SCIENCE leaning towards SCIENCE ( theoretical theory?) I will tell you from experience that polics and true crime are too dangerous to cover, because of brug cartells.

  • Lotus Cat
    Lotus Cat

    Despite all the creativity it works so well together that you don't even noticed it's made by a deiffrent person. Everyone does SOOO WELLL. And Steph is like the mom not only in real life but she likes a mom to the team.

  • Maximum Max
    Maximum Max

    Matpat makes me feel like I did so much for pressing a button

  • Me

    Wait...the schedule says there doing a fnaf theory on the 8th and today is the 8th... and there’s that new fnaf episode thing...oh...wait it’s a schedule for may... never mind

  • Artamis Bot
    Artamis Bot

    My channel is edited by an AI too, how weird... I love how well you trick humans into learning.

  • Sweeten UwU
    Sweeten UwU

    Me : gets an ad with mat in it while watching this video

  • Commenter

    I love how he made this for his viewers!

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    Manish Yadav

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    Manish Yadav

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    Manish Yadav

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    Romeo Herrera

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    Matt Hort

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  • Nerd With a Mouth
    Nerd With a Mouth

    Danm, seems crazy to think I've been watching for 8 years 😳

  • Tnt Turn
    Tnt Turn

    What is a fourth Circle for

  • Shadow_Scorpion

    The reason that I love this channel is that you're not like those people who see some tiktok post and are like "oh, that must be true! You actually do some research and show facts that go together and you have a very logical mind. I wonder how you manange to think about very peaceful games: "oh such a nice game. there HAS to be some story about a psychopath killer in the corner!" Anyways, happy 10th Anniversary Theorists!

  • AustinBobo1

    Got a early 2020 ad featuring you from big change.

  • Varu Raptor
    Varu Raptor

    So when I opened this video I heard matpats voice, and it was talking about how right before covid hit he and Stephane moved, right around there is when I noticed I was watching a ad, voiced by matpat, on matpats video. I didn’t even know matpat actually did stuff like that, he doesn’t need to honestly, he has 3 popular channels.

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  • Corsaire 1985
    Corsaire 1985

    Sometimes, the Universe gets it right.

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    Cat Man

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  • Interest Savvy
    Interest Savvy

    I think you said it before, but I am highly doubtful that you are enjoying these movies, series anymore. Especially with MatPat overthinking everything. Jeez guys, as much as I love these theories. Do enjoy them. Love and Peace💕❤😍

  • Striker _2500
    Striker _2500

    Dan killed me with the chica part

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    Tee Rex or


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    &*Pingy gurl*&

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    Arjun the gamer

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    Mr. Jay Moon

    Team theorist are the busiest people I've ever known, lots of love to you all

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    ⚡️ zap

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    Hot_Pink _Polo

    Y’all, what’s the scrambled words at 12:18 on the priority list? It said pause the video right above it. 👆🏽

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    Lily Hanson

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    Sharkke Bunni

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    in tears

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    Star gazer

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    That one autistic DOOM fan

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    Michael Pimentel

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  • Ollie inc.
    Ollie inc.

    I was not thinking there were so many people on the theory team

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    Love y’all. Thank y’all for doing what you and what you do right. I relate to your rock bottom Matt, but I don’t see myself reaching others before I get got by heart attack from stroke. P.s Steph, U be killin it I can tell, post baby got u lookin fine, healthy nd happy. Warms my heart to see such a happy coupled fam

  • Bob Gob
    Bob Gob

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  • Bob Gob
    Bob Gob

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    Charlie Morris

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    Piotr Gaust

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      Piotr Gaust

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    Heartix Unicorn

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    Adrian Toons

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    Jack Deweese

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    Taran Caffarella

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    Crafty With Jacob

    What is the easter egg? I want to know.

    • Crafty With Jacob
      Crafty With Jacob

      @Hot_Pink _Polo No, the food theory intro

    • Hot_Pink _Polo
      Hot_Pink _Polo

      On this video?

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    mr. man

    To be honest i like stephanie more that matt

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    Jarrett Dunker

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    Jarrett Dunker

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    Alex #Rules

    "He still thinks he's import- I can't even say that!" MatPat: Listen here you little-


    is it just me or young matpat looks alot like tom cruise

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    Cari Jackson

    Didn't know there was that much work that goes into your videos. Thank each and everyone one of you, y'all make the videos so much more. I look forward to each and every video

  • Featherstar

    I’m just wondering how you upload at bare minimum 3 videos a week! I love this channel. And MatPat, I bought the backpack

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    nick Kopczynski

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    Dylan Shadowstar

    Ohhh you naive man, you're born into privilege, you're born in the USA, especially LA. Land of the HRlessrs, land of the gamers. Americans, please remember you are lucky to live in a country where gamers are plentiful and being able to make a channel or group of line of friends gaming together is easy. In Australia, gamers are rare, gamers online even more rare. Being a legendary HRlessr is literally impossible. Name a a big HRlessr whose Australian? You probably can't, and even if you can it's may one or two, I can't name dozens probably a hundred American HRlessrs. So again, remember you are born into privilege in America.

  • Aarnav Bhandari
    Aarnav Bhandari

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