Game Theory: What Level is Ash's Pikachu? (Pokemon)
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Pokemon is one of the longest running series out there and for years, one question has plagued us all. What level IS Ash's Pikachu? This little electric mouse defeated CRAZY POWERFUL foes. They've made it to the top of multiple leagues. So, you'd think Pikachu is one of, if not THE STRONGEST Pokemon around, right? Well...

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Fouad Assem baki
    Fouad Assem baki

    Ore ur not dum but don’t understand english

  • Fouad Assem baki
    Fouad Assem baki

    I ment It could not use an attack

  • Fouad Assem baki
    Fouad Assem baki

    And she use an atackk

  • Fouad Assem baki
    Fouad Assem baki

    Ur dum cuz that’s thunder storm thing that picachu gained too much energy from

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare

    It’s level 500

  • Durant_das

    ash didnt battle tapu koko till alola not unova

  • Durant_das

    finally someone talks about this

  • BruhPlayzOfficial ✔
    BruhPlayzOfficial ✔

    "its all gonna be reset" -sans

  • Milkman

    Of course this is Pokémon Legends: Arceus definitely.

  • Midrose Primwood
    Midrose Primwood

    I forgot everything I know about pokemon after watching this video.

  • ณัฐฐ์ กิตติวัฒนาวงศ์
    ณัฐฐ์ กิตติวัฒนาวงศ์

    bruhhhh he lost

  • Prime Animations
    Prime Animations

    Plot twist, it's only been 6 months

  • Ryaquaza 1
    Ryaquaza 1

    “Oh boy, this is was a rough one” Me that marathons the entire series every time a new series is announced: “first time?”

  • Ydsgfhs Yddted
    Ydsgfhs Yddted

    Everyone :- Pikachu is weak he loses to lvl 5 Snivy how I know it's lvl?? ... His trainer said so.... Me :- Do you know "lieing" is a thing 🤨🤨

  • Yuna

    That's what you math teacher are saying when see the effort you put making arithmetic calculations for this but not for your work on class 7:53 🤣

  • Jeremiah AZ
    Jeremiah AZ

    I just got an ad from you, I mean before the vid an ad from you appeared lol

  • RobloxTanSoldier

    me watching you:yes more lore ad:watch this ad of what your watching

  • murong

    What if... Ash gets a new pikachu every season or region

  • the blue mush
    the blue mush

    Now do a theory on why english localization turned the name satoshi into ash

  • Joshua Harvey
    Joshua Harvey

    Plot twist, Ash is using an action replay on pikachu.

  • Fennix

    OR.. Pikachus Health was too low because Ash havent give it to the Pokemon Center in a while 8D

  • samual XBL
    samual XBL

    honestly for the anime ive just went with they dont have levels bc some things that happen is just outrageous and who loses and wins

  • Leon's European island adventure returns
    Leon's European island adventure returns

    To answer the title, it doesnt matter. The anime doesn't use the same systems as the games, and both have differing logic. You literally have an electric type zapping ground types left and right in the anime, and it can't happen in the games.

  • a cursed crewmate
    a cursed crewmate

    ..... i watched a add with you in it :/

  • RoboticNoobAxy711

    imagine watching matpat and then seeing a matzot quarantine ad.. *heh....*

  • Xavier Likes cats
    Xavier Likes cats

    I was watching this video and I saw the game theory add lol

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    Shaxui X


  • James Blas
    James Blas

    Me pretending to understand what he's sayin: 👁👄👁

  • Philipp Smith
    Philipp Smith

    وجود درد ہے۔

  • Tapu Bulu
    Tapu Bulu

    Theres no level in pokemon anime

  • Luis Miguel
    Luis Miguel

    Accept it Matpat , pikachu's level is 101

  • G6 Liara
    G6 Liara

    Charmeleon is indeed at a much higher level than 16, considering how Charmander defeated some 50 Exceggutors

  • • I N V I S I A B L E •
    • I N V I S I A B L E •

    Where to watch black and white?👁👄👁

  • Jonny Lawless
    Jonny Lawless

    This is why I like the Pokemon show that they put on Netflix. I think it's called Pokemon Heroes or something like that. Idk but Ash has a Lucario and a Dragonite in that one. It's pretty good. And Ash is like super OP lol

  • Ryou Sekine
    Ryou Sekine

    I gave like on minute 2:00 such dedication!

    • Ryou Sekine
      Ryou Sekine

      the dedication increase on wards.. =O

  • Mazita Abu samad
    Mazita Abu samad


  • real

    Bro the snivey had earth quake and wonder guard thats why pikachu lost.

  • Commenter

    This might be a turn point for game theory I honestly have been watching him since I was a kid

  • Lambo

    rip fat pikachu

  • Foxy Smile
    Foxy Smile

    11:15 bocs in Hungarian means sorry(I think it’s just a coincidence, but I thought it interesting)

  • Nombre


  • lime melon apple pie
    lime melon apple pie

    So this is the time when i can use math in real life

  • Cady Elsharkawy
    Cady Elsharkawy

    Plot twist: Pokémon is a reality show, pickachu is actually at a very low level. But the Pokémon he is against always “faint”. It’s stage acting.

  • Wasif Ali
    Wasif Ali

    Pikachu lost trip snivy because he can't use his electric type moves

  • caileyanimates

    That's crazy..I can't even watch one episode without getting mad at Ash..

  • 4Fiction

    0:18 I thought he is gonna turn into a super saiyan

  • Rosy Cupcake
    Rosy Cupcake

    Got a ad with mat pat

  • loge99

    but u literally left all all the life (and battles) in between the (few) episodes that make for ash‘s part of life that we can ACTUALLY WATCH…😒 so this is all useless basically

  • demonblade541

    Pretty sure team rocket (Jessy and James specifically idk about anyone else) does not really train or fight with their pokemon so they should be around the same level, also evolution is weird in the anime it is more like they evolve if the pokemon feels like it. also doesn't Pikachu's level reset in hoen? I remember it did it a couple different times i remember Pikachu getting sick and his abilities decrease. I think in game logic would be since there are level caps in areas and when you go to a new area it would be weird if Pikachu would not listen so nerfing him would be the alternative to make sense in the story

  • Zoran Cuga
    Zoran Cuga

    Level 99 Pikachu just tock pitty on syve Pikachu was also tierd he is level 99 please just stop dudududu dududududu please just stop no just stop Jesus cries

  • Jacob Ohnstad
    Jacob Ohnstad

    This should obviously be on the film channel

  • Vogelcola!

    just look the pokemon card of ash's pickachu....

  • orion stimson
    orion stimson

    didnt pikachu have a trainer before ash? i thought that was why he was so rebellious at the start

  • Lvl 1

  • Gleamgo Pengo
    Gleamgo Pengo

    gift ash pikachu in poukemon USUM is lvl 35

  • destroyer 7698
    destroyer 7698

    I feel like pikachu is at least lvl 60 by the end of Sinnoh but then I think it resets in unova becuase unova was supposed to be a more of a reboot then a continuation of gen 4


    easy answer: 100+ sometimes -100 some other times :-s

  • Michele Paquette
    Michele Paquette


  • comic stans
    comic stans

    Alright I don't wanna be that guy but LEVELS DON'T WORK THE SAME AS IN THE GAMES

  • hello


  • Enderbloxian

    I always thought it was lvl 100 XD

  • Temope Arts
    Temope Arts

    My question is what if all the episodes are mixed and all of the movies and series are mixed

  • Denver Jaz Bonzato
    Denver Jaz Bonzato

    Can we get a vegeta here...

  • null

    9:19 theres actually an episode in the pokemon frontier where they mention that he beat the orange leauge im pretty sure. it's when ash is fighting the fourth frontier brain and the frontier brain mentions it before they battle

  • My Name
    My Name

    What about the shared xp if multiple pokemon take an opponent down? Time to rewatch everything and do it again…

  • Payton Rs
    Payton Rs

    2minutes 20 seconds of the narrator saying how difficult this calculation was. Theres some math we could do without

  • Banana Mafia
    Banana Mafia


  • Funk cool
    Funk cool

    I’m I the only one to think he already did this video or reposted this video?

  • Asphics

    Ash's Pikachu Has The Ability Reset. It's Power Reset When It Enters Another Region.

  • Princess Kitten
    Princess Kitten

    Plot twist the trainer with a Snivy was hacking

  • Nexxus

    Endeavor and then quick attack. Pikachu is still level 100. P.s don't tell me that it can't learn evdeavor or that it wasn't the moves that he used in the battle because the anime already makes no sense

  • luisito prr0
    luisito prr0

    Pikachu gets Lv 100 and wen it gets to an other region i turns in to lv 5

  • keishon barr
    keishon barr

    Zekrom restarted Pikachu back to level 1 🤣

  • Official Exeggcute
    Official Exeggcute

    Level 101

  • Cloudy King43
    Cloudy King43

    Ash’s pikachu is over 9000

  • Samuel

    Mat pat, I just got an ad about you.

  • Nani Andrea
    Nani Andrea

    Excuse me wHAT!?

  • Neo Sun
    Neo Sun

    I had a game theory add

  • tv tissue
    tv tissue

    I would argue that there are no levels in the show

  • Cat Studio
    Cat Studio

    But do you know what level meoth is

  • Fancy Phant
    Fancy Phant

    “Big change” I had a mat pat commercial- on this video

  • Al


  • blobbo

    maybe the snivy just didn't evolve and was, like, level 98 or something

  • Ginny Boton
    Ginny Boton


  • Tiger Mafia
    Tiger Mafia

    Actually Ash’s pikachu hits level 99 and full stats long time ago.. you saw his lost at championship matches, he’s pikachu lost some battles, and struggling fighting a newly met trainers/gym was just all his doing and losing on purpose to “fit-it” the society in pokemon world or else he will have no friends because too OP, you see he is an incel, pokemon nerd, who would simp and masturbate to Arceus, or fantasizing foursome with the Regis, and behind his young look, we dont know how much money he spent on those surgeries.

  • wavylily edit M
    wavylily edit M

    Pikachu is level x

  • Bored In Here
    Bored In Here

    Ash isn’t the original owner. Oak was his previous owner

  • Jack Sepetjian
    Jack Sepetjian

    Wait where did u watch all the seasons I want to watch it

  • sonic23233

    Pikachu can learn Volt tackle from a move re-learn

  • jason minato
    jason minato

    Matt should focus on more important questions.

  • GamerGirl Miller
    GamerGirl Miller

    Huh thats funny. Its not everyday you see an add made by a youtuber but its strange that as soon as I click your vid I get an add you made talking about something called Big change XD

  • rael_ismeh

    Maybe ash feeds Pikachu random barries to get him back to lvl 5/1

  • rael_ismeh

    BTW Ash is 11 years old hehe

  • Goldie_rblxsquad

    I got an ad with you in it on the start

  • Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle
    Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle

    you should Pokémon game theory

  • Abysslz

    Tbh these calculations don’t make sense how in the entire orange island season is pikachu only 35 when he fought dragonite that is like you said in its 70’s plus the other pokemon it beat during that time which let’s say the rest would be 55-75 even if it’s very little pikachu would be a bit higher than 35 at the end, I’d say atleast 46 or so

  • Abysslz

    I used to bring the orange island or battle frontier to my friends all the time and they just tell me it’s not cannon so it don’t count, pretty sure battle frontier is and orange I think is too so they do count.

  • Poggy 12
    Poggy 12


  • BiohazardCake

    The answer is that Pikachu is always as strong or weak as the story requires him to be.

  • Mark Cruz
    Mark Cruz

    My main problem with this theory is when ash had episodes of him training, sometimes unorthodox and sometimes not, and only shows the beginning and ending of said training. Pikachus level or at the very least, base stats, must have been raised. But I feel as though that wasn’t taken into account.